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Roosevelt Elk in the Duckabush River Valley. Photo by Caitlin Battersby.

Roosevelt Elk Herd Expanding in the Duckabush River Valley

The Duckabush River greenbelt hosts many animals that have relied on this land for thousands of years. In addition to providing important spawning habitat for endangered salmon, wildlife such as bear, beaver, and cougar have all been observed there recently. And one more common, but no less magical, sighting on the Duckabush is its herd […]

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Celebrate Spring: Visit Port Townsend’s Rare Prairie Treasure

Nestled on the grounds of the Port Townsend Golf Club is a small plot of wildflowers that have lived there for many thousands of years. A remnant of the prairies that once covered the Kah Tai Valley — from Kah Tai Lagoon to Chinese Gardens — this 1.2-acre preserve is a direct link to the […]

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Duckabush Mid-Reach Preserve

Just Protected: Duckabush Mid-Reach Preserve

We’re celebrating a great success for wildlife on the Duckabush River this winter! Local sculptor Mark Fissler and his family worked with Jefferson Land Trust and our partners to protect 15 acres of their longtime family land in the middle reaches of the Duckabush River as a permanent wildlife preserve.

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Magic Raven by Aloura Remy

Aloura Remy’s Art from the Heart

Artist Aloura Remy is using her incredible talent and big heart to help save the natural places and wildlife that are the inspiration for her work! Aloura will be selling cards featuring her artwork to benefit Jefferson Land Trust. Find Aloura at the Port Townsend Food Co-op on March 11, March 18, and March 25.

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Serendipity Farm

Serendipity Farm Funding Passed in Capital Budget

The long-awaited capital budget passed in January, and included crucial funding for a top-priority local farm project. And it’s one that brings a smile to our faces: We can now move forward on the work to protect Serendipity Farm in Quilcene

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Chimacum Ridge

Chimacum Ridge Project Milestones

Chimacum Ridge Update In very exciting news, as of January 2018, the long-awaited capital budget passed and included $3.4m in funding for Chimacum Ridge! This brings us approximately 75% of the way towards our goal of establishing a locally owned community forest on this iconic land. We’re now at the start of Phase Three on the […]

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Community Forest Vision: Imagine a forest where our shared vision grows.

Chimacum Ridge Community Forest Vision

Imagine a forest where our shared vision grows. A forest that benefits the community in many ways – where wildlife thrives, people play, and businesses flourish. This is the vision for Chimacum Ridge Community Forest.

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Snow Creek Uncas Preserve

Snow Creek Uncas Preserve Grows

Snow Creek Uncas Preserve grew by almost three acres in the final days of 2017. Incremental successes like this have added up to over 350 acres protected in the area.

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Duckabush River

Report from the Field: Mission Creek Corrections Center Partnership

A big shout out to the Department of Corrections Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women work crew for their dedicated stewardship work on the Duckabush.

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Grant Street Elementary School first and second graders come to Chimacum Creek with us every year. They release the coho salmon fry they have been raising in school and have a blast learning and playing out on the land! Photo by Wendy Feltham.

2017 Accomplishments Report

Thanks to your support, it has been an incredible year for protecting local farms, forests and wildlife habitat. Jefferson Land Trust is a grass-roots group founded on the involvement of community members. Together, we accomplish more than we ever could as individuals. This work is done on your behalf, with your help, and it is only possible through the passion and generosity of our community of supporters.

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