Our Conservation Vision

A 100-year vision

When Jefferson Land Trust turned 20, we began to think about our next 100 years — what we collectively wanted our corner of the Olympic Peninsula to look like a century from now, and what we would have to do now to make it happen.

So, we brought the community together to develop a vision and a conservation plan. First, we asked for input from local citizens, natural resource managers, regional partners, national conservation organizations and scientists. Then, we crafted a vision reflecting our shared aspirations for the future, along with concrete actions that would help to get us there.

This is our 100-year vision:

HABITAT: Habitat is biologically diverse, interconnected, and supports viable populations of keystone species.

AGRICULTURE: A thriving, sustainable agricultural industry is prominent in the local economy, culture, and landscape — and is supported by greater demand for local food.

FORESTRY: Large tracts of working forests are permanently protected for stable and sustainable production, wildlife habitat, scenic viewsheds, ecosystem services, and recreational uses.

RECREATION & TOURISM: The wild and scenic character of our county is preserved and a network of trail corridors and recreational lands provides abundant access to natural rural areas and connectivity between our towns.


Learn how we are working toward this vision. Explore our Conservation Plan.