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Great News! We Reached Our Fundraising Goal for the Quimper Wildlife Corridor Challenge!

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 08/29/23

Drone shot of peninsula with corridor of trees.

Aerial view of the Quimper Wildlife Corridor. Photo by John Gussman.

Logo of newt with the words Quimper Wildlife CorridorWe’re celebrating big news! Thanks to our amazing community and the support of public agencies, private foundations, and individual landowners, we’ve met the fundraising goal we set with the Quimper Wildlife Corridor Challenge to raise $3.14 million to protect up to 167 more acres of the corridor!

This necklace of green provides essential wildlife habitat, natural stormwater management, and miles of recreational trails. The generosity of our community and success of the fundraising challenge has helped us protect 40 acres in the corridor, in 27 separate transactions, since 2021.

It’s also given us the resources to help facilitate the purchase and permanent protection of 107 acres of forestland (known as Quimper West, Quimper East, and Baby Quimper) by Jefferson County through the Trust Land Transfer program of the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to be completed in the next few months.

The map below shows the significant progress we’ve made in protecting the corridor thanks to the success of the Corridor Challenge. We’ll keep on working to protect as many of the parcels in pink as we can as opportunities continue to arise.

Heartfelt thanks to all who have supported this project and continue to volunteer in caring for the corridor. Learn more about our progress here.


On this map, the yellow line shows the Quimper Wildlife Corridor habitat area, the green areas show permanently protected land (protected by easement or owned by Jefferson Land Trust and other partners), the blue areas indicate properties protected since 2021 by funds raised by the Quimper Wildlife Corridor Challenge, the yellow areas indicate parcels that will soon be permanently transferred to Jefferson County’s ownership, the pink outlines indicate undeveloped parcels as of June 2023, and the yellow stars indicate entrances to the corridor.