Upcoming Events

Buried and Submerged Forests – Quimper Geological Society

On Saturday, Oct. 26th at 4 pm, Pat Pringle, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences at Centralia College, Washington will present an illustrated lecture on “Buried and Submerged Forests of the Pacific Northwest—Witnesses to Ancient Earthquakes, Landslides, and Volcanic Eruptions.”

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Valley View Forest Stewardship Work Party 6

Trail time! Help us wrap up (for now) the scenic pedestrian trails that highlight the new Valley View Forest slopes, stream drainage, and overlooks into agricultural Center Valley.

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2019 Stewardship Volunteer Thank You Party

We’re inviting all stewardship volunteers join us for a relaxing (NOT work) party in thanks for all for your amazing work helping care for our Preserves.

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Marrowstone Island Chai-yahk-wh Preserve Stewardship Work Party – RSVP Required

Join us in the next step of restoring a conifer forest by removing non-native blackberry to create a clearing that we’ll plant later this winter. We’ll also remove non-native ivy, holly, and spurge laurel to allow a diversity of trees, shrubs, and understory to thrive. Space is limited, and RSVP is required.

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