Discovering the Forest

Please note that the Pre-Harvest and During-Harvest virtual learning sessions have been postponed until October, when we’ll host the entire three-part series in sequence.

Valley View Forest

Sun streaming through the trees at Valley View Forest

Forest ecosystems are characterized by fascinating relationships between wildlife, plants, trees, water, and air. Add human use and economies into the mix, and the dynamics at play become even more complex. Join us as we set out to explore these interconnections and ask, how does a community forest thrive for the good of all?

In Discovering the Forest, we will come together as a community to deepen our shared understanding of forests and what a community forest can be. And we’ll use that understanding to shape our vision of the amazing opportunity we have for community involvement at Valley View Forest and Chimacum Ridge Forest.

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And to get an inside look at community forestry at Valley View Forest, check out this podcast from KPTZ’s Nature Now program. Host Nan Evans met Jefferson Land Trust’s Stewardship Director Erik Kingfisher and Preserve Manager Carrie Clendaniel at Valley View in June to discuss how community forestry is unlocking ecological and human benefits in Jefferson County.

Listen to the podcast here >>


Virtual Learning Sessions
Fall 2021


In this three-part series, land managers and foresters will share about the harvest process and discuss the benefits these activities will have for Valley View Forest and our community.

Discovering the Forest —
Pre-Harvest Activities Virtual Learning Session  

October TBD

Topics covered: Wildlife tree, leave tree, and harvest tree selection and pre-harvest planning and site prep.


Discovering the Forest — During Harvest Activities Virtual Learning Session

October TBD

Topics covered: Harvest equipment, site safety, soil and vegetation considerations, landing site development, trucking, and customer considerations.


Discovering the Forest — Post-Harvest Activities Virtual Learning Session

October TBD

Topics covered: The local wood economy, forest recovery, and next steps.

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Trees at Valley View Forest

Valley View Forest in Chimacum, opened in October 2020, offers the perfect location to apply our learning. Read more and find directions here.


Winter 2020-2021 Virtual Learning Series Events

How do we know a forest is healthy?

November 2020
With Geoff Hammerson and Linda Dacon

How can we help forests be healthy?

December 2020
With Carrie Clendaniel and David Brownell

How can healthy forests help us?

January 2021
With Betsy Davis, Sean Koomen, Tim Lawson, and Maureen Walrath

What is our shared vision for a community forest on Chimacum Ridge?

February 2021
With David Moscowitz and Erik Kingfisher

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