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Help to create a new wildlife refuge. Protect scenic vistas and woodland trails. Here, learn how you can preserve Jefferson County’s rural heritage of family farms, working forests, and healthy ecosystems for generations to come.

There are many ways to give

You can advance conservation in our community with gifts of cash, stock, real estate, and more. Find out more by contacting our office and asking for Director of Philanthropy, Kate Godman, at 360.379.9501 ext 102.

Whether you can give $10, $100 or $1,000, your contribution is meaningful to us. Each gift is invested locally to permanently protect and restore the special places that make Jefferson County a vibrant place to live, work and play. As a Land Trust supporter, you will receive monthly email updates and news about the work being done to preserve the places you love, as well as invitations to events and education programs, and more!

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Choosing to be an Evergreen Steward is an easy and secure way to ensure the future you want for wildlife and communities in Jefferson County. Your monthly donation will provide the Land Trust with a source of stable and efficient funding to preserve the places that matter most. The amount you specify will be automatically charged to your credit card each month for as long as you choose to stay enrolled. Simply pick the monthly amount that is right for you. Your membership is renewed automatically every year, and you receive a convenient annual tax letter for your records.

Enroll now

You can advance conservation in our community with gifts of cash, stock, real estate, and more. Explore your options with Kate Godman, Director of Philanthropy, at 360.379.9501 ext 102 or make an online donation.

As a Century Steward, you can make a major contribution to preserving open space, working lands and habitat. Century Stewards provide a reliable, predictable flow of funding that allows us to plan and invest in long-term projects that preserve land and our quality of life in Jefferson County. Stewards commit to a gift of at least $1,000 a year for either three years or five years. Annual giving levels can be in an amount you choose. The most common amounts are $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000.

Learn more about the Century Stewards Program and how to set up an annual gift. If you have questions, please contact us.

When you include Jefferson Land Trust in your estate plans, you create a lasting legacy that will have an impact for generations to come. A planned gift can be made as part of an overall financial or estate plan and is usually, but not always, deferred until the end of the donor’s life. By including Jefferson Land Trust in your estate plan, either you or your estate may be able to make a charitable donation. Depending on your estate plan, the tax savings could be significant.

Find out more about planned giving.

“I give generously of both my time and money to Jefferson Land Trust because I know the forest will continue to support both wildlife and timber, the newts will continue to cross the road to lay their eggs in wet areas, the trees will shade the creek welcoming back the returning salmon, the kestrel will nest safely and the swans will rest and feed, the schoolchildren will splash while learning in any body of water, the farmland will feed us as well as the invertebrates, birds and other mammals, families will have jobs, our community will be more resilient and healthy, and we will all be living with more beauty. All this is happening on protected lands and is possible with your generous support.”

– Sarah Fairbank