Our Mission

Land Acknowledgement

Jefferson Land Trust acknowledges that the lands we work to preserve are within the traditional Indigenous tribal lands of the S’Klallam, Chemakum, Twana, Suquamish and other Indigenous peoples. These Indigenous peoples are the original stewards of these lands and waters, since time immemorial. Jefferson Land Trust recognizes that European and American colonization irrevocably changed the homeland and ecosystem of the Tribes, effectively destroying traditional land access and ways of life.

We also recognize that the current system of land ownership and private conservation that we operate within has created, and continues to create, negative impacts on many marginalized communities. Working in conjunction with local Indigenous peoples and marginalized communities, Jefferson Land Trust will recognize this immeasurable disruption and we will strive to lessen the negative impacts of our work, creating a future wherein we seek to deepen our partnerships together and create positive change.

At Jefferson Land Trust we’re working with the community to preserve open space, working lands, and habitat forever.

Jefferson Land Trust is a private, nonprofit, community-driven conservation organization in Jefferson County, located on the stunning Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.

We work with willing landowners in our area to choose protection strategies that meet both their conservation goals and financial needs.

Landowners typically work with a Land Trust when they want to permanently protect wetlands, floodplains, farmland, wildlife corridors, working forests, and scenic areas from inappropriate development. As a Land Trust, we are legally obligated to maintain a vigilant watch over these protected lands forever.

But Jefferson Land Trust works a bit differently, and this sets us apart from other land conservation organizations.

People + Places

In Jefferson County, our livelihoods, cultures, and ways of life depend on our water, forests, farmland, open spaces, and sacred places. We all have a stake in this land, which is why Jefferson Land Trust works to bring people with diverse perspectives and lived experiences together to collaborate in protecting this special place for the generations to come.

From protecting habitat for wildlife to facilitating the generational transfer of working land to keep it in sustainable production, we’ve worked with landowners, government agencies, the timber industry, the U.S. Navy, new and experienced farmers, and community groups on a wide range of projects. Together we’ve preserved a greenbelt of wetlands in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor, protected salmon habitat in Chimacum, Salmon, Snow, and Tarboo creeks and the Dosewallips and Duckabush rivers, helped prevent the destruction of Tamanowas Rock, created opportunities for the next generation of farmers, and promoted sustainable local agriculture through the Food Farm Network.

Our focus on people and places puts us at the forefront of the Land Trust movement. We’ve received national recognition as an innovative and collaborative organization. And here at home, our community looks to us to bring people together and take action for the common good.

Most of our projects are undertaken in collaboration and partnership with other local and national nonprofits, public agencies, and with the support of hundreds of donors and volunteers.

Caring for the Land