Our Mission

At Jefferson Land Trust we are working with the community to preserve open space, working lands, and habitat forever.

Jefferson Land Trust is a private, nonprofit, community-supported conservation organization in Jefferson County, nestled on the stunning Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

We provide many services to landowners in our area and work with them to choose protection strategies that meet both their conservation goals and financial needs.

Landowners typically work with a Land Trust when they want to permanently protect wetlands, floodplains, farmlands, wildlife corridors and scenic areas from inappropriate development. As a Land Trust, we are legally obligated to maintain a vigilant watch over these protected lands forever.

But Jefferson Land Trust works a bit differently, and this sets us apart from other land conservation organizations.

People + Places

In Jefferson County, our livelihoods and way of life depend on the health of our water, forests, and farmland. We all have a stake in this land, which is why Jefferson Land Trust works to bring people with diverse perspectives together to collaborate and find common ground.

From protecting habitat for wildlife to facilitating the generational transfer of land, we’ve worked with landowners, government agencies, the timber industry, the Navy and community groups on a wide range of projects. Together we’ve preserved a greenbelt of wetlands in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor, protected salmon habitat in Salmon and Snow Creeks, and promoted sustainable local agriculture through the Food Farm Network.

Our focus on people and places puts us ahead of the curve with preservation. We’ve received national recognition as an innovative and collaborative organization. And here at home, our community looks to us to bring people together and get things done.

Serving the east side of Jefferson County, Washington, on the western shores of Puget Sound.

Caring for the Land