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Introducing Snow Creek Uncas Preserve

Jefferson Land Trust has protected another section of Snow Creek in the Discovery Bay watershed as part of a long-term project that is bringing back salmon and other aquatic species to the area as the natural environment is restored.

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Kid letter

Kids Learning on the Land

We just had a big smile delivered to us at the Land Trust when a package of thank you cards from Blue Heron Middle School eighth-graders arrived in the mail. These kids had just attended the last of five field trips this year through the Port Townsend School District’s place-based learning initiative.

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Duckabush River Preserve

New Duckabush River Preserve Links almost 40 Contiguous Acres

Fifteen acres nestled between our five-acre Duckabush Oxbow Preserve and our 22-acre Duckabush Wetlands Preserve have now been permanently protected as wildlife habitat, thanks to funding through the Salmon Recovery Funding Board and the Jefferson Land Trust volunteers, donors, and supporters who care about nurturing a landscape that sustains all living things.

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Fisher at Tarboo

Olympic Fisher Reintroduction Project

Last summer, we joined Olympic National Park, US Geological Survey, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and partners including Olympic National Forest, tribal entities, Conservation Northwest, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in the Olympic Peninsula Fisher Reintroduction Project.

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Carl’s Forest

Tarboo Forest Protected; 238-Acre Forestland Conservation Effort

Eighty acres of mature forest in the Tarboo valley was permanently preserved in August 2014 through a project collaboration between Northwest Watershed Institute (NWI) and Jefferson Land Trust.

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timber cutting

Cutting Trees to Save Habitat

It seems unlikely, but Jefferson Land Trust is cutting down trees to protect wildlife habitat. The Bulis Forest Preserve is 130 acres that were donated to JLT in 1997 by Erika Bulis in memory of her husband Janis Bulis.

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Chimacum Commons property

An Exciting Vision for Chimacum Commons

We have closed on 15.7 acres of undeveloped agricultural land right off Highway 19 in the middle of Chimacum, literally right around the corner from the Chimacum Corner Farmstand.

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John Boulton

Boulton Farm… FOREVER!

John Boulton looks out over the farm that has been in his family for 70 years, and knows it will continue to be a working farm for generations to come.

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Coho Salmon

Saving a Wild River

This winter, we had additional success for the future of wildlife along the Duckabush River with the protection of a 22-acre property, now officially known as Duckabush Wetlands Preserve.

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Donovan Creek

Protection and Restoration of Quilcene Bay

Quilcene Bay on the Hood Canal is the scene of a resurgence of aquatic life thanks to a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to returning it to the thriving ecosystem it once was.

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