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Olympic Wildland Burial Grounds Seeks Land for Natural Burial Options

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 01/23/23

Sunlight through patch 3-4 maple leaves in dark forest

Sunlight filtering through maple leaves on a Land Trust preserve.

Creating a conservation burial program that offers local natural burial options, while also supporting land conservation and restoration, is something the Land Trust has been focused on for a number of years.

In 2021, after investigating such programs and gauging local interest, the Land Trust’s Board of Directors granted approval to move forward in creating such a program. In late 2022, the Olympic Wildland Burial Grounds LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Land Trust, was formed with its own Board of Managers to focus on building and managing the program, which will eventually offer two natural burial options — a wildland cemetery and a memorial forest.

Olympic Wildland Burial Grounds (OWBG) Board of Managers is currently searching for property suitable for wildland cemetery and memorial forest services on the same plot of land.

We’d love to hear from you if you know of available property that has 10 or more acres, is zoned Rural Residential, and has open space with a meadow or clearcut area. Please contact info[at] to share any property leads or information.

Once OWBG is able to acquire the appropriate land, the organization will need to work with local and state officials to address zoning and permitting requirements.

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