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Getting Started Exploring the Nature in Your Own Neighborhood

The Nature in Your Neighborhood naturalist program was developed as an online course to bring a little nature into people’s lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. The information in the modules was designed by knowledgeable local naturalists and biologists.

Each module focuses on a different topic of Jefferson County natural history — from birds to trees and from insects to shrubs. Activities and resources are also provided to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the wonderful natural heritage we share.


Observing as a Naturalist with Lead Naturalist Ken Wilson

It’s said that we are born observers, hardwired to soak in the elements of our world through our senses. Learning to observe as a naturalist uses our innate need to learn and helps focus it on the details of the natural world — from noticing when buds first appear on osoberry bushes in late winter to noticing the patterns of bird migration. In the video below, biologist Ken Wilson takes you through the skills needed to become a keen observer and hone your natural abilities.


Nature in Your Neighborhood General Resources: