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Nature in Your Neighborhood On Demand: Resources, Recordings Available on our Website

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 06/22/22

Nature in Your Neighborhood Logo Banner Image

Nature in Your Neighborhood is an online program developed by Jefferson Land Trust during the Covid-19 pandemic to help people in Jefferson County and beyond learn about our local flora and fauna from local naturalists and biologists. Now, we’re pleased to announce the opening of Nature in Your Neighborhood On Demand: a section on our website where you can access videos, resources, and learning activities from this popular program.

Each module of Nature in Your Neighborhood focuses on a different aspect of Jefferson County natural history — Birds, Trees, Insects, Ferns, Amphibians and Reptiles, Shrubs, Herbaceous Plants, Mammals, Liverworts, and Mosses — and is designed to help deepen your understanding and appreciation of the natural world outside your door. In each module, you’re invited to take a virtual nature walk with a knowledgeable local naturalist or biologist, and given access to a set of resources and activities they designed to help you explore, discover, and learn.

To begin, we suggest visiting the Getting Started and General Overview section, where you’ll watch an “Observing as a Naturalist” video and find helpful resources that lay the groundwork for the program. Or, dive in and check out everything there is to offer on the main page!