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Enjoy a Delicious Local Pairing and Be Part of Our Fall Harvest Dinner Challenge

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 09/15/20

Midori Farm by John Gussman

Midori Farm in Quilcene was protected by the Land Trust with a conservation easement in 2017. Photo by John Gussman.

Pairing Up for a Fall Harvest Meal

Midori Farm’s award-winning krauts can take any meal from drab to fab. For some seasonal inspiration, we asked Finnriver Farm & Cidery Head Cidermaker, Andrew Byers to suggest pairings of his cider with each of Midori Farm’s savory kraut flavors.

His pairings are listed below and we’ve also included additional food recommended by Finnriver to complement each of the ciders.

Here’s Our Fall Harvest Dinner Challenge for You!

  1. Choose one of the pairings below (or create your own).
  2. Source as much of your meal as possible from local farms.
  3. Send us a photo or two of your table with information on the ingredients to

We’ll share the results via social media and our website.


Midori Farm Kraut Options

Savory Kraut

A traditional sauerkraut with dill and caraway

Pair Midori Savory Kraut with: Finnriver Orchard Series, 2019 Perry

Also goes well with Finnriver Orchard Series, 2019 Perry: grilled chicken, fresh goat cheese, antipasti platters, and dinner salads full of spicy young greens

Beet Kraut

A tangy favorite from the old world combining nourishing root vegetables and cabbages

Pair Midori Beet Kraut with: Finnriver Crew Selection Saffron Cream

Also goes well with Finnriver Crew Selection Saffron Cream: charcuterie, dry cheeses, potato casseroles, or oven-roasted chicken


A delectable, simple and serious sauerkraut

Pair Midori Sauerkraut with: Finnriver Orchard Series, 2018 Black Oak

Also goes well with Finnriver Orchard Series, 2018 Black Oak: Local seafood such as grilled white fish, grilled oysters and clams

Horseradish Leek Sauerkraut

Sweet carrots, leeks and cabbage embrace the sharp heat of the horseradish and gently mellow it. (Only available seasonally.)

Pair Midori Horseradish Leek Sauerkraut with: Finnriver Traditional Line, Farmstead Cider

Also goes well with Finnriver Traditional Line, Farmstead Cider: a plate of sliced apple and hunks of aged, tangy cheese


An inspired zesty sauerkraut condiment with a flavor not far from your favorite salsa, has medium heat from smoked jalapeno peppers

Pair Midori Curtido with: Finnriver Contemporary Line, Pear Cider

Also goes well with Finnriver Contemporary Line, Pear Cider: cheese, salmon, poultry, or pork

But wait there’s more: While he appreciates all of these pairing recommendations, the Land Trust’s Executive Director Richard Tucker wanted to put in a plug for pairing any of Midori Farm’s savory krauts with bratwurst and enjoying an Oktoberfest-inspired feast.