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Share Your Thoughts in Our Conservation Burial Survey

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 08/14/20

Survey imageConservation burial cemeteries and memorial forests are places for family and friends to come to honor and remember a loved one in a natural setting. Jefferson Land Trust is considering creating a conservation burial wildland cemetery and/or a memorial forest for scattering ashes.

The Land Trust is looking at conservation burial services and memorial forests as a service to the community as well as a restoration tool that will help us restore land that has been disturbed, return it to a natural state, and keep it natural and open forever. The proceeds from conservation burials will be used to restore and maintain the wildland cemetery and memorial forest properties and also to advance future conservation work throughout Jefferson County.

We have a working committee made up of board members, volunteers, and staff members that is researching and analyzing aspects of conservation burial wildland cemeteries and memorial forests. To help us decide whether to proceed with these projects, we’re asking for community feedback in a brief, 10-question online survey. See the definitions below for more information.

We’re so grateful for your input!

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Conservation Burial Wildland Cemetery: A conservation burial wildland cemetery has dual purposes: providing a final resting place and improving the health and beauty of the land. No embalming chemicals are used and all burial materials are biodegradable. The property is generally in need of rehabilitation at the start. It then will be re-wilded and restored to a natural state, which will be protected as a cemetery in perpetuity.

Memorial Forest: A memorial forest is a designated area of a natural woodland for returning cremated remains to the earth. The land will be protected in perpetuity by Jefferson Land Trust.