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The Land Trust Team’s Holiday Celebration Must-Have List

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 12/16/20

2020 Land Trust Staff Holiday Zoom Celebration

A screenshot from the Land Trust’s 2020 Staff Holiday Zoom Celebration.

Happy Holidays from the Land Trust Team!

We surveyed Land Trust staff members at our recent Zoom Holiday Celebration for their must-have dishes on or around the holidays. Their answers ran the gamut, including chile, a cheese platter, chutney, carrots, and Christmas cake. And those are just the ones that start with the letter “C”…

Carrie Clendaniel (preserve manager) believes that a cheese platter is mandatory at the holidays. That’s why she always includes cheese and chocolate at her volunteer appreciation celebrations. 

Owen Fairbank (long-time volunteer) credits time in New Mexico for ensuring that pozole remains a holiday favorite for him.

Kate Godman (director of philanthropy) always looks forward to having her mum’s Christmas cake at the holidays. She describes it as a boozy fruitcake with a marzipan layer and icing sugar.

Erik Kingfisher (stewardship director) says that tamales feature prominently in their holiday plans. They usually host a tamale-making party for friends and family, but this year may be making to-go packs because of Covid-19.

Rebekah Korenowsky (engagement coordinator) says that, for her, beets are a given at any feast. She’s got plans to make Odessa Beets this year with garlic, lemon juice, dates, and raisins.

Paula McNees (finance manager) shared that her grandmother’s fresh blackberry pie and her mother-in-law’s fresh-baked dinner rolls are her family’s holiday must-haves. She remembers one memorable Christmas when the power went out; her mother-in-law went home, got her RV, and baked the rolls in the RV’s oven — they’re that good!

Sarah Spaeth (director of conservation) shared that oysters in some form or fashion are always included in her family’s holiday celebrations. And for breakfast on Christmas morning, they enjoy toasted Stollen, an Eastern European bread with fruit and nuts.

Blaise Sullivan (conservation assistant) always looks forward to carrots glazed with maple syrup

Richard Tucker (executive director) says that for more than 30 years, he’s been making homemade chile and cornbread to enjoy on Christmas Eve. And for dessert on Christmas day, he always makes Red Velvet Cake.

Stephanie Wiegand (communications manager) looks forward to homemade cranberry chutney on the holiday table, served either as a side dish or paired with an appetizer. She says she’s going to share the recipe with Carrie because it goes great with cheese.

Sarah Zablocki-Axling (development manager) shared that eggnog (mostly non-spiked) flows freely at her house throughout the holiday season. Sarah said that because her two young children were totally shocked when there was no longer any eggnog one year, she and her husband often buy a bit extra to freeze for a special family treat later in the winter.

Whatever your holiday traditions involve, all of us at the Land Trust wish you and yours a warm and safe holiday season this year!