Tracking the Cougar Connection

“What we can learn from cougars is that we can live together. We need to be respectful of the fact that they play a pivotal role in the landscape. Their health and wellbeing is tied to the health and wellbeing of the entire ecosystem.” – Sarah Spaeth The Land Trust is excited to welcome renowned […]

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Sarah Spaeth Will Speak at the North American Wildlife Tracker Conference

    Sarah Spaeth, the Land Trust’s director of conservation and strategic partnerships, will be leading a session at the North American Wildlife Tracker Conference in late April. Sarah feels that her introduction to wildlife tracking in 2012 was extremely impactful. “My conservation work has been deeply enriched by studying wildlife tracking over the last nine […]

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Congratulations to Sarah Spaeth on Becoming a Certified Track and Sign Specialist!

Sarah Spaeth, Director of Conservation and Strategic Partnerships for the Land Trust has taken her love of wildlife tracking to the next level. In October, she became one of five women and less than 50 North Americans to be recognized as a certified Track and Sign Specialist. To do so, Sarah underwent a rigorous evaluation […]

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