Spring Migration on the Olympic Peninsula

Many birds are on the move during spring. Thousands arrive on our peninsula, often stopping here to rest and eat, or taking up residence for the summer. Others, who have wintered here, have left and are on their way to their own nesting grounds further afield.

If you look for it, you can see some of this extraordinary seasonal activity in your backyard and beyond. To see what a few of these birds are up to, watch a short video. Land Trust volunteer and nature photographer Kerry Tremain created it to support our Nature in Your Neighborhood program.


Jefferson Land Trust volunteer naturalists and expert birders, Ken Wilson and Dave Rugh, supplied information for this video. Both serve as volunteer instructors for our popular Tidelands to Timberline natural history course and the new Nature in Your Neighborhood program. Kerry Tremain is a member of the League of Extraordinary Observers (LEO), a group of local photographers and naturalists that supports the work of Jefferson Land Trust and other peninsula conservation organizations. Featured birdsong in the video is provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.