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Snow Creek Uncas Preserve Grows

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 01/02/18

Snow Creek Uncas Preserve

Snow Creek Uncas Preserve grew by almost three acres in the final days of 2017. Incremental successes like this have added up to over 350 acres protected in the area.

In the last days of 2017, Snow Creek Uncas Preserve grew by almost three acres. Snow Creek is a salmon-bearing stream which flows into Discovery Bay. It’s known as fertile mushroom-hunting territory and wonderful wildlife habitat (check out WDFW’s time-lapse video of critters visiting the creek). It is also in a beautiful area subject to increasing development pressure. Three acres may not be a lot in itself, but it’s through decades of perseverance and incremental successes like this that our community has protected over 350 acres in this area to date. And these successes will last forever.

The newly purchased property includes a seasonal stream, wetlands and side-channel habitat which provides refuge for young salmon. We can now be assured that its beautiful mature forest will remain uncut, and that the trees we plan to plant here will grow for centuries thanks to the caring stewardship of local volunteers. Big thanks to our supporters, the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, and Jefferson County’s Conservation Futures Fund for this success for the future of salmon, wildlife and clean water in Snow Creek and Discovery Bay.