Chimacum Ridge Community Forest Social Benefits Advisory Group

Social Benefits Advisory Group

Members of the Social Benefits Advisory Group advise on the cultural, recreational, and educational access policies and plans for the Chimacum Ridge Community Forest. See the Community Forest Advisory Group page for information about purpose and function of the advisory groups.

The Social Benefits Advisory Group will support the staff Community Forest Manager and the Chimacum Ridge Community Forest Board of Managers in their development and implementation of the policies and work plans that achieve the following:

  • The community forest is an educational, recreational, and cultural resource for the whole community
  • The social benefits of the forest are balanced with the economic and ecological benefits
  • Access trails and viewpoints are well maintained and safe
  • Safe and equitable public access is available for all and especially for BIPOC and communities historically excluded from natural public spaces
  • Education programs have well managed access to the community forest
  • The community pavilion and access to it are well managed
  • Cultural and art programs have well managed access to the community forest
  • Access by local Tribal citizens is honored and prioritized
  • Opportunities to care for the forest (forest stewardship) are available

Current recreational, educational, and cultural uses of the community forest being considered include:

  • Hiking (on all trails)
  • Gravel Biking (on designated trails)
  • Horseback riding (on designated trails)
  • Viewpoint access
  • Access for those with disabilities
  • Birding and wildlife viewing
  • School tours
  • Delineated areas for off trail nature study and play
  • Lifelong educational opportunities
  • Tribal access for hunting and non-timber harvests
  • Limited-season bow hunting

Chimacum Ridge Community Forest: Setting

Under current management by bridge owners EFM, the Chimacum Ridge Forest property has a system of well-maintained forest roads and many old skid trails that are hikable, but need some maintenance. Viewpoints from the top of the ridge provide spectacular views of Chimacum and the Olympic Mountains. Limited views of the Cascade Mountains show how view corridors could be managed to retain and/or improve views.