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Farmland Preservation Grant Awarded for FinnRiver Farm

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 09/10/09

Spring plowing at FinnRiver Farm.

Spring plowing at FinnRiver Farm. Photo: Keith Kisler

Jefferson Land Trust has spearheaded a successful effort to apply for a $203,500 Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Farmland Preservation grant awarded to project lead Jefferson County.

This grant will help buy a conservation easement on FinnRiver Farm in Chimacum. FinnRiver, a 33-acre organic farm, is regionally known for its berries and vegetables. Farm owners have planted more than 900 apple and pear trees and are in the process of establishing an artisan-scale winery and cider production facility.

The farm’s conservation values include prime agricultural soils, about one-quarter mile of Chimacum Creek, scenic vistas, and habitat for salmon, beaver, trumpeter swans, bear, eagles, hawks, and many other animals. The conservation easement to be purchased with grant monies will be co-held by the county and by Jefferson Land Trust.

Funding for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, Farmland Preservation Account, FP category, comes from the sale of state general obligation bonds. The total estimated project cost is $407,000. The Jefferson County Conservation Futures program has committed the required match for the grant. The Recreation and Conservation Funding Board (RCFB) is the state’s administrator of the grant program.