Discovering the Forest Video Recordings


Winter 2020-21 Virtual Learning Series

The winter 2020-21 Discovering the Forest virtual learning series ran included four sessions and focused on forest health, forest management, forest benefits, and our vision for a community forest on Chimacum Ridge.

Friday, November 20th

Part 1: How do we know a forest is healthy? We’ll look closely at the forest’s plant and animal biology and learn to identify signs of strength and resilience.

Includes presentations by biologist Geoff Hammerson and salmon enthusiast Linda Dacon.

Friday, December 18th

Part 2: How can we help forests be healthy? We’ll learn how stewardship and responsible forest management can impact forests and support their growth.

Includes presentations by  Carrie Clendaniel, Jefferson Land Trust Preserve Manager and David Brownell, Historian at Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe.

Friday, January 15th

Part 3: How can healthy forests help us? We’ll talk about the potential human benefits of forests from a variety of perspectives such as economic, cultural, artistic, and educational.

Includes presentations by Betsy Davis and Sean Koomen from the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, Tim Lawson from the Port Townsend School of Woodworking and Maureen Walrath, community member, willow weaver and interdisciplinary artist.

Friday, February 19th

Part 4: What is our vision for a community forest on Chimacum Ridge that benefits both people and forests?

Includes presentations by David Moskowitz, photographer and wildlife tracker, and Erik Kingfisher, Jefferson Land Trust Stewardship Director.


Fall 2021 Virtual Learning Series

The fall 2021 Discovering the Forest virtual learning series included three sessions and focused on the selective timber harvest at Valley View Forest.

Wednesday, October 13

Part 1: Before Harvest Virtual Learning Session – Forest Health and Tree Selection

Wednesday, October 27

Part 2: During Harvest Virtual Learning Session – Timber and Cedar Bark Harvesting

Wednesday, November 10

Part 3: Post-Harvest Virtual Learning Session – Forest Health and Community Impact