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Community Request: Group Vehicle for Land Trust Tours and Travel

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 04/20/24

Two people in car

Stewardship Coordinator Marlowe (left) and Director of Stewardship and Resilience Erik heading out for some fieldwork.

The Land Trust is seeking a vehicle to help us reliably and safely transport groups of Land Trust staff members, volunteers, partners, and others to sites like Chimacum Ridge Community Forest. After many years of relying on staff members’ personal vehicles, the time has come to secure a vehicle that our organization will use frequently for site tours, events, and more.

The ideal vehicle can seat five people or more, like a van, minivan, or large SUV. The vehicle must be able to handle unpaved roads, so will need high clearance.

Alternatively, if you own such a vehicle, have some free time, and would be interested in volunteering your vehicle and/or your driving services to the Land Trust, we’re interested in hearing from you!

If you’re interested in donating your vehicle or volunteering its use to the Land Trust, or if you know of an available vehicle for sale that might fit our needs, please reach out to info[at] Thank you!