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Coming in February: Affordable Native Plant Sale at Chimacum Corner Farmstand Nursery

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 01/25/24

Two people holding plants

Photos courtesy of the Chimacum Corner Farmstand.

Did you know that you can help make land more resilient and beneficial to local wildlife by replanting with native species? The owners and staff of the Chimacum Corner Farmstand’s Corner Nursery do — and they’re on a mission to encourage everyone to restore landscapes large and small.

Plant startsBeginning in February, the Corner Nursery has greatly expanded their native plant inventory, offering a wide and unique selection of locally grown, carefully selected native plants at affordable prices.

The sale features more than 70 kinds of plants, including ground covers, ferns, vines, and twenty-three types of trees. Home landscapers can find deer-resistant plants like Pacific Wax Myrtle as well as flowering shrubs like Mock Orange, Red-flowering Currant, and Pacific Rhododendron. For landowners with large acreages, low-cost ($5 or less) bare-root conifers and shrubs are now available. All plants are selected for, and grown in, low elevations, at local small wholesale nurseries located in Sequim, Kingston, Gig Harbor, and Mount Vernon.

The Corner Nursery’s knowledgeable staff and extensive signage — including photos and information about size, growing conditions, and more — will help customers learn about the plants and select the right ones to meet their needs.

To view a PDF list of available plants, click here.

Potted plantsNative plants have many benefits for our ecosystem, our local wildlife, and us. They provide critical shelter and sustenance for an abundance of local wildlife, including birds, rodents, butterflies, and bees. Once established, they generally require less maintenance and less water than non-native plants, and don’t need artificial fertilizers nor synthetic chemical pesticides or herbicides in order to thrive. Many native plants are also effective at sequestering carbon, which is essential for a healthy planet.

Established in 2010, the Chimacum Corner Farmstand has been a Jefferson Land Trust “Save the Land” Business Partner since 2013. (Our “Save the Land” Business Partners generously support the Land Trust by donating a portion of their profits to us throughout the year.) The Farmstand is located at the literal and figurative crossroads of East Jefferson County’s farming community at 9112 Rhody Drive and is open daily from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Questions about this sale? Looking for a particular plant? Reach out to the Chimacum Corner Farmstand Nursery at nursery[at]