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Aloura Remy’s Art from the Heart

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 02/28/18

Aloura Remy

Aloura Remy

At only fourteen, Aloura Remy is already an accomplished artist. Her vibrant paintings and drawings are simply gorgeous. (See more of them here.) And this young woman is using her incredible talent and big heart to help save the natural places and wildlife that are the inspiration for her work!

This month, Aloura will be selling cards featuring her artwork to benefit Jefferson Land Trust. Find Aloura at the Port Townsend Food Co-op from 2:30-6p.m. on March 11, March 18, and March 25.

Here’s what Aloura had to say about the inspiration for her artwork and for her generosity to the Land Trust:

“One inspiration for my art was walking at North Beach every day – it’s one of my favorite places. Seeing the sea animals, birds and mammals there really got me inspired. I love birds because they are so beautiful and majestic. And ocean animals– I love them! They are such interesting, amazing creatures.

“I’d like people to know nature is very important. Trees make the fresh air! We need nature. It’s an amazing place to get the stress out and relax. One question I have is, “will nature always be there?” Technology is great, but I worry, because in the future, will there be no trees, no animals, just technology?”

We are grateful to say that nature will always be here. Thanks to everyone – like Aloura – who supports the work to save land forever, there will be trees, animals, and natural inspiration for generations to come.

Please come out to the Food Co-op the last three Sundays in March to support this young artist and help save local places that matter!