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Now Seeking Advisory Group Members for Chimacum Ridge Community Forest

Author: Lillian Schneider | 02/26/24

Chimacum Ridge

View of Chimacum Ridge from Beaver Valley. Photo by Robert Tognoli.

Jefferson Land Trust is excited to announce a unique opportunity for community members to participate in the development of Chimacum Ridge Community Forest by serving as a member of one of three new community forest Advisory Groups.

The community forest is governed by a seven-member community volunteer Board of Managers, and the day-to-day operations of the community forest are managed by a full-time staff Community Forest Manager. The Board of Managers is now seeking community members to join three Advisory Groups, which are focused on specific aspects of the forest’s development and management:

  • Social Advisory Group Members: Advise on cultural, recreational, and educational access policies and plans for the community forest
  • Economic Advisory Group Members: Advise on ways the community forest supports the economic resilience of the community and sustains the community forest.
  • Ecological Advisory Group Members: Advise on the natural and ecological welfare of the community forest.

Those interested in contributing to the development and management of Chimacum Ridge Community Forest are encouraged to apply. The Board welcomes individuals with expertise, skills or experience in forest and timber management, education, community development, ecology and natural sciences, business development, and/or environmental health to apply and seeks a broad representation of community members to enrich our community forest, fostering inclusivity and benefiting the community as a whole.

Meetings will be held quarterly for each Advisory Group, with additional engagements as needed for specific plans or tasks. Advisory Group members are appointed by the Board of Managers, and membership in the advisory groups may be voluntarily renewed every two years.

Advisory Group members will be residents of East Jefferson County and have:

  1. Enthusiasm for the Land Trust’s mission, a knowledge of the East Jefferson County community, and a strong interest in community forests
  2. Good listening skills, inclusive and collaborative engagement skills, strategic thinking skills, and the ability to contribute to and achieve a positive consensus
  3. Commitment to Jefferson Land Trust’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice principles

Encouraging Equity and Access:

We understand that some people may face obstacles to participation due to responsibilities or financial constraints. Because we’re committed to working with individuals to address barriers to participation, we’ve established an Equity and Access Fund to help offset any financial burdens that may prevent involvement. If you’d like further information on the Equity and Access Fund, please contact us via email at info[at]

Instructions for Interested Parties:

For individuals interested in applying to become a Chimacum Ridge Advisory Group member, please submit a letter of interest to: info[at] with the subject line: Community Forest Advisory Group.

Final date for submission is midnight on Friday, March 29, 2024.

In your letter, please include the following:

  • Your name and contact information (preferred email address and phone number)
  • Any affiliations you may have with local groups or organizations (e.g., Tribal, recreation groups, other boards, etc.)
  • A brief description of why you’re interested in participating.
  • Any relevant expertise, background, and knowledge you have as it relates to any of the three advisory topics (Social, Economic, or Ecological).

From all entries, the Chimacum Ridge Community Forest Board of Managers will review the submissions and choose individuals from a broad spectrum of the community to serve on an advisory group that aligns with their interests.

To learn more about the governance model for Chimacum Ridge Community Forest, visit

To learn more about Chimacum Ridge Community Forest, visit