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Chimacum Ridge Project Milestones

Author: Jefferson Land Trust | 01/30/18

Chimacum Ridge rises between Center and Beaver Valleys, in the heart of Chimacum.

Chimacum Ridge rises between Center and Beaver Valleys, in the heart of Chimacum, amid a landscape of protected salmon streams, forests and farms (shown here in yellow). The 850+ acre forested ridge is a prominent landmark and is ideally located for a community greenspace with many complementary uses. Here is our vision for Chimacum Ridge community forest

Chimacum Ridge Update

In very exciting news, as of January 2018, the long-awaited capital budget passed and included $3.4m in funding for Chimacum Ridge! This brings us approximately 75% of the way towards our goal of establishing a locally owned community forest on this iconic land.

We’re now at the start of Phase Three on the Chimacum Ridge project. Here’s a recap of the progress to date:

Phase 1: A  window of opportunity

A unique partnership with the Trust for Public Land and Ecotrust Forest Management (and more info here) created a window of opportunity that gives us, as a community, until 2023  to determine the future of Chimacum Ridge.

Phase 2: Intact and undeveloped, forever

The second phase of this project was a partnership that protected the land itself from development, ensuring Chimacum Ridge will always remain undivided and undeveloped.

We are herePhase 3: The forest grows

The third phase of the project has just begun!  As a pilot project for a new program with our partners at the Washington Environmental Council, Chimacum Ridge received $3.4m in funding from the capital budget to ensure a healthy, diverse and mature forest continues to grow. Sustainable forest management practices will promote forest health as well as economic productivity.

Next step: To establish a community forest

Chimacum Ridge is just a stone’s-throw from the Chimacum Crossroads and Chimacum High School.  With this central location, it is ideally suited for public recreation and outdoor education. This is our vision: local ownership and management of Chimacum Ridge as a community forest.

During phase four, we’ll be seeking the funds necessary to purchase the property from Ecotrust Forest Management. We’ll also be refining the vision and plans for the community forest: exploring public access, education, and trails. Our end goal is to manage Chimacum Ridge through a process of community involvement and input to ensure multiple local benefits.

Interested in the Chimacum Ridge Community Forest project? Whether you want to be included in one of our occasional property tours, or you have a question for us, we would love to hear from you.