Photo of staff member Tali Hamilton standing beside the beach in downtown Port Townsend.

Tali Hamilton

Stewardship Assistant


Favorite local wildlife: Pacific harbor seal
Favorite native plant: Columbia lily
Favorite local food: Chocolate truffles from Elevated Candy Company

Tali joined Jefferson Land Trust in 2021 as our half-time Stewardship Assistant. She grew up in Western Washington and loved visiting Port Townsend as a child. To be able to live and work here is a dream come true! Prior to joining the Land Trust, Tali received a BS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Washington and an MS in Natural Resources Management from Texas Tech University. Her MS thesis focused on the impacts of invasive grass and wildfire on native trees. When she’s not at the Land Trust, you can catch her relaxing at the waterfront, hiking a trail, or trying out a new local restaurant.