Smiling woman with snowflakes in her hair

Jennifer Harrison

Board Member

Head of Gaming Experimentation, Microsoft

Favorite local wildlife: Olympic Marmot (Marmota olympus)
Favorite native plant: Blue Monkshood flower (Aconitum uncinatum)
Favorite native tree: Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia) and Cascara (Rhamnus purshiana)
Favorite local food: Just about everything grown on Red Dog Farm
Favorite local place: Hoh Rainforest
Favorite activity: Being on/in the water 

Jennifer Harrison is a passionate conservationist with a diverse background that spans tech and sustainability. With a career in big data engineering, cloud service, security, and privacy engineering, she is no stranger to the digital world. However, her heart has always been drawn to nonprofit and civic work, including volunteering for Issaquah Stream Team, serving as Managing Director of Earth Economics, and sitting on the King Conservation Advisory Board.

As the Co-Founder of Partnership for Rural King County, Jennifer has tackled issues around urban/rural symbiosis, from wetland restoration, firewise safety, and sustaining agriculture and forest working landscapes, to preserving land for parks and enabling recreational access to nature.

Her work at Earth Economics extended to public policy, geospatial and ecosystem service valuation data curation, and partnerships spanning academia, government, NGOs, civil societies, and environmental justice. One of her proudest moments was when FEMA adopted Earth Economics’ new approach (and tooling) for cost-benefit and risk valuation, shifting billions of dollars of investment into sustaining landscapes critical for climate resilience.

When Jennifer isn’t working, you can find her in nature, tending to her beloved native bees, or exploring the Olympic Peninsula, which she believes to be the most beautiful place on Earth. With her vast experience and passion for environmental preservation, Jennifer is excited to bring her skills to Jefferson Land Trust’s Board and make a difference for future generations to thrive with nature.