Conservation Breakfast 2021

2021 Virtual Conservation Breakfast: Wildlife, Wetlands, and We the People - Protecting the Quimper Wildlife Corridor - Aerial view of the Quimper Wildlife Corridor. Photo by John Gussman.

Aerial view of the Quimper Wildlife Corridor with Protection Island in the distance. Photo by John Gussman.

Thanks to everybody who attended Conservation Breakfast 2021!

What a fun and exciting morning! It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces in the audience and follow the lively conversation by our panelists and by participants in the Zoom chat window.

Protecting the Corridor

Check out the video below to learn more about the Quimper Wildlife Corridor’s history, its importance to wildlife and our community, and the exciting opportunity we have to protect more of the corridor in the coming months.

Video by John Gussman

Joining the Challenge

To join the Quimper Wildlife Corridor Challenge and help protect , learn more and make a gift at

About the Event

Together we’ll explore the wild green Quimper Wildlife Corridor that stretches across Port Townsend from Fort Worden to Middlepoint, and its impact on wildlife and our community.


Our Focus

We’ll celebrate 25 years of community dedication to this corridor’s conservation, and share new opportunities to help expand and protect it forever.


Our Format

Nan Evans, of KPTZ’s Nature Now, will be our host for conversations with special guest historians, naturalists, urban planners, health practitioners, community builders, and long-time corridor advocates.

Band of images taken in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor: Wetland, Pileated Woodpecker, Bicyclist, and Rhododendron. Photos by John Gussman and Wendy Feltham.

Photos taken in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor by John Gussman and Wendy Feltham.

About Our Host

Nan Evans Photo


Nan Evans is lead producer of KPTZ’s Nature Now, the weekly radio show that presents eclectic and authentically local news, insights and observations about the natural world around us.

Nan also volunteers for the Marine Science Center and is Vice President of the Board of Jefferson Land Trust.


Trail Map for the Quimper Wildlife Corridor.

Trail Map of the Quimper Wildlife Corridor and Cappy’s Trails.

About the Quimper Wildlife Corridor


The Quimper Wildlife Corridor’s broad swath of connected meadows, forests, and wetlands are home to hundreds of species of plants, trees, animals, and birds — some that are year-round residents and some that are just passing through. Using the corridor, wildlife can migrate between the forest and saltwater environments of Fort Worden to Middlepoint, and access the larger forested areas of the Quimper Peninsula.



The corridor includes Port Townsend’s largest natural drainage basin that filters urban stormwater, protecting water quality in our aquifers and in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, where 70 percent of Puget Sound’s seabird populations nest on nearby Protection Island.


We the People

The miles of trails that weave through the corridor offer easy access to nature within the city’s limits. Year-round walking, biking, birding, and educational opportunities are enjoyed by thousands of residents and visitors in the corridor each year.

Over the past 25 years, thanks to help from hundreds of volunteers, many willing and conservation-minded landowners, hundreds of generous donors, and key partners like the City of Port Townsend, Jefferson County, and the State of Washington, more than 245 acres of land within the corridor have been protected.

But there’s still work to be done. This year we have an exciting opportunity to help ensure more of this special place is protected forever.


Join us to learn more.

Quimper Wildlife Corridor Trail Image with text overlay that reads: The Quimper Wildlife Corridor is a natural treasure unlike any other in our community and it's depending upon us to protect it!

One of the many public trails in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor.


Conservation Breakfast offers an opportunity to learn more about community-powered conservation and ways you can get involved.

Donations are welcome.

Big thanks to our 2021 Conservation Breakfast Sponsors!

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