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Blue Heron students surveyed microinvertebrates in Snow Creek. Credit Caitlin Battersby

Snow Creek School Day

A few weeks ago we headed out to Snow Creek with Blue Heron students to apply math and science lessons in the field. Students tested water quality in the stream, surveyed for macroinvertebrates, and put their math skills to work in a forestry lesson.

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A Grant Street Elementary student wishes "happy travels" to the coho salmon fry he's about to release into Chimacum Creek. Photo credit Wendy Feltham.

Young Fry Salmon Release

We just had 150 first and second graders come out to Illahee Preserve to release the coho salmon fry they’ve been raising in their class.

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Youth Corps kids show off the flying squirrel nesting boxes they built. We'll monitor the boxes with wildlife cameras to see who takes up residence!

Youth Corps 2017

Five high school students spent their spring break working hard and learning about land stewardship in a stint as the Land Trust Youth Corps crew.

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Children at creek

Winter Work for Summer Chum on Chimacum Creek

Jefferson Land Trust has been awarded a grant from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board to purchase land on Chimacum Creek’s north shore, near the estuary where Irondale Beach County Park is located.

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The Quimper Wildlife Corridor is a forested greenbelt which links a series of wetlands within Port Townsend.

Quimper Wildlife Corridor gains 2.5 acres

Thanks to amazing generosity from people in our community, two and a half more acres have been protected in the Quimper Wildlife Corridor. Just as the Wildlife Corridor has been a labor of love by many people since the project began in the 1990’s, the newly protected parcels were preserved through the big hearts and generous actions of people who care about this place.

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Tarboo Slopes. Photo by Eric Durfey.

Protecting Dabob Bay and Devils Lake

Thanks to an outpouring of community support, Washington State Department of Natural Resources has approved the expansion of Natural Resource Conservation Areas (NRCA) at Dabob Bay and Devils Lake, opening the door for great conservation work to preserve the unique natural ecosystems of the Olympic Peninsula.

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Short's family farm

Short Family Farm, Protected Forever!

Roger and Sandy Short have ensured their family land, one of Jefferson County’s largest active farms, will never be subdivided or converted from agriculture. Home to popular products like delicious 100% grass-fed beef and “Magical Soil,” this 254-acre farm is an important anchor of Chimacum’s agricultural economy and community.

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Planting a Seed

The return address read, “From the Magical Math Monkey Class.” We knew we were in for a treat.

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Volunteer at Snow Creek

Small Steps in Big Projects

Sometimes success is measured in hundreds or thousands of acres, and sometimes, a fraction of an acre can connect and preserve trails, neighborhood green spaces and habitat corridors.

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Dave Rugh

Volunteer Spotlight: Dave Rugh

Volunteer superstar Dave Rugh works hard and long to preserve and care for local places that matter. And we mean long. Last year alone, Dave put in hundreds of volunteer hours for the Land Trust. And this year he has taken on even more volunteer jobs with us.

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